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Book of Ra Ground Rules

Games on the Egyptian “radar” are very popular in so many ways. Book of Ra slots is amongst the first game with the Egyptian mythological theme, the Austrian manufacturer, Novomatic released the popular slots game decades ago. A game designed to give players the chance to win mouthwatering prizes and, in the game’s, literal term, 5,000 credits for every spin. Scatter is known as the book of Pharaoh. It (Scatter) offers players ten free spins of 5 reels with bonus symbols. The overall victory of the game was so impressive that the developers had to release two updated version of the game: the deluxe version and one that has six unique reels.

Play Book of ra Online Casino real money

  • You can reload credits
  • Embed the game on your platform.
  • Full-screen mode

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Rules of the game

Just like every other game, Book of Ra is no difference. Players need to know before playing the book of Ra slot. Book of Ra has a regular Novomatic control panel, which is easy to use from one to nine active paylines during the book of slots game. The more of them a player triggers, during the spin, the higher a player’s chances to win the jackpot. To set the number of paylines, players should use the following buttons:

  • 1 line
  • Three lines
  • Five lines
  • Seven lines
  • Nine lines

The figure in the game corresponds perfectly to the number of lines a player can activate to collect winning combos. You can bet from one to fifty credits on each of the number lines. Using the “Bet One” button, players can adjust the size of the placed bet. The games “Bet Max” on the other hand, is designed for the brave-hearted and experienced players. It activates the spin at the max allowed values.

If a casino player is lucky enough to collect a winning combo on five reels, you can try out your luck in a risk game. Casino players can start the risk game by pressing the “Bet Max” or “Bet One” buttons. During the game, right on the screen, users will see a card, which lies upside down. On the side of it, there are two keys, by clicking one of the sides, players can select black or red. If your choice matches the suit on the dealer’s card, your winnings will be in double folds. If not, then prize payments you have received for the final round will be lost.

How to win the slots game

The experienced players say that while playing the game, combos of scatter symbols often appear, which activates free spins. As a result, the winning strategy for this slot include:

  • Activate all nine lines
  • Raise the bet until the combo of scatters appears.
  • If possible, you should play a risk game.

It is better to begin the slot by using a demo mode – that’s what we recommend.

Mega moolah variations

Mega moolah is a series of intertwined slot games with a few variations that all add to the entire progressive jackpot. A little fraction of every bet made, from all online casino that holds the game, moving forward to building the bonus round banks. The real reason for designing the game was to give players and mega moolah fans the chance to win the mega jackpot and achieving the goal of becoming an instant millionaire. Right now, the only other slot game available to Canadians is the Isis variant. The other slot games have either been stopped or are not available at casinos, to begin with, including the types we’ve listed.

Mega Moolah Isis Jackpot

Currently, the name Isis is not one all players are fascinated by, as it is associated with some terrorists in the Middle East. Before such menace, for years, Isis was only known as one of the revered ancient Egyptian Goddesses. The mother or Universal Goddess encompassed all things feminine, and part of her “infinite” powers included being the goddess of wisdom and magic. The mega moolah progressive jackpot that features the goddess’ name is a massive game, and the goddess is also the game’s wild symbol.

As in the other safari-themed game, the wild, as well as the multiplier Isis, a type of mega moolah which will double your winnings when it replaces a symbol to connect a winning series, the hawk signifies the scatter symbol, and it is also slightly powerful than the monkey symbol, which is in the standard game.

Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive

Another mega moolah progressive jackpot is 5 Reel Drive which has a road trip themed version of the classic mega moolah progressive slot as well as it is also a connection to the bank. The slot game has 15 paylines and players can place bets of 15 coins and even place bets anywhere from $0.01 – $0.20. 

Mega Moolah Summertime

The summertime variant is relatively light and has a more fun fruit-theme slot game that ties into the mega moolah progressive jackpot. The game has nine paylines though it allows you to bet up to 90 coins. Players can also be from $0.01 – $0.20 giving the players a max bet of at least $18.00. The game’s wild symbol is the summertime logo and similar to the standard mega moolah game, they double your win when activated.

Mad Mega Moolah

Triple Edge has included another variant of the game to the current series. The variant is based on the tale of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland; players are offered new turn of incredible jackpot prizes. Just like the previous mega moolah jackpot, there are four progressive jackpots to unlock:

  • Mini Jackpot
  • Minor Jackpot
  • Major Jackpot
  • Mega Jackpot

The game was expertly created with a lyrical and colourful theme that further defines the name given to it. It is similar to Mega Moolah, but the game’s music itself has tagged the game under fantasy, a deserved category. The game’s graphics lean toward a classical theme though it’s designed with a more modern feature – mougle.com.

The Do’s and Don’ts tips on starburst slots (works with other online slots too)

It’s a known fact that people who run both online casinos and online casinos: People play starburst slots machines and other slots machines. In a few countries, including the United Kingdom, and the United States, amongst all casino games, the slots machines are the most played games. It shouldn’t take anything away from the other casino games, as they are also gaining grounds to the point slot is now rivalled by table play.

Naturally, leads casino players to the one big question: “how do you win in a slots machine?” it also “pops up” the related items “how have others beaten the machines?” “are the strategies for beating the slot machines?”

It’s all a matter of opportunity. There are no video pokers- or blackjack- like systems that can cut into the game’s mathematical edge. Odds on slot machines remains constant and fixed. There nothing a player can do legally that will change the result, even though scammers sometimes have succeeded until caught and imprisoned.

However, some specific systems/strategies will help a player get the most out of the games.

Starburst slots tips – The Do’s

  • Start small to win big

Some players assume the wins won’t yield instantly. They start with bits and pieces and work up with the hope of betting big when the wins start stacking up. Players are likely to win earlier than expected, and starting with small victories is an excellent way to go.

We’ve witnessed slot players who tested different systems, and the prime pump was one of such systems tested. What was the result? Most had four losing sessions and one win – which is a usual outcome if even when a player is not starting small.

  • Higher Denomination Slots come with higher payback percentages.

There was a period when three-reel games ruled the slots field, right now, it’s a known fact that most games are video slots. Some factors go beyond the payback percentage, including what you want in a fun and the entertainment value.

  • Search slot machines of casinos that are paying huge.

Some slots players like to play games that have given substantial cashout prizes, knowing they are hot machines. Some other players avoid those types of games, knowing they’ll soon go cold.

Meanwhile the opposite applies, too. Some casino players figure out the cold machines are faulty. Others simply think they’re due to get hot.

In the real sense of things, all streaks are just slight blips on the entire radar to machines that produce an average payback percentage over hundreds of plays.

  • Learn to play within your budget

Most sessions on slots machines will result in money loss, and there’s nothing a player can do to change that. However, you should never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Players should play games that fit their bankroll. As a rule of thumb, players gambling bankroll should cover 250 bets to give a 90 per cent chance of lasting three hours.

learn more about starburst slot – mougle.com

Ball Drops and Roulette Numbers

Coming across a roulette wheel with a particular bias is nothing extraordinary. Casino staff don’t usually focus on this specific topic for obvious reasons and would also do anything to convince roulette players that a biased wheel is an infrequent occurrence. The reason is not far-fetched, and why they do that is that any bias, when discovered by a player, maybe indeed used to advantage and as a result, this would adversely affect casino gain.

Different wheel biases can be pinpointed. Some of these biases were caused by accident, others were a result of deliberate actions, while the third group of tendencies were introduced after years of heavy use.

Wheel Randomness

The roulette wheel termed random when it is perfectly symmetrical, balanced and dimensional. For example, the width and depth of each roulette ball pocket should be the same, the frets have to be the same height and should also have the same stiffness, the roulette ball track should also be perfectly circular and flat, and the pocket pads need to be resilient equally.

The truth is, such a highest number on a roulette wheel doesn’t exist. Even those roulette wheels’ design may appear to have consistent manufacturing variances. That leads us to what is called “a random enough wheel.”

It doesn’t matter what inherent bias a wheel may have, it is not an easy task detect the bias wheel, while in many other cases, the preference is not very strong to neutralize the advantage of the house. A new roulette wheel shouldn’t just be random, but it also needs to be sufficiently jagged to help preserve the condition after many years of constant use.

A wheel that’s random enough when it is new doesn’t mean it is immune to flaws as it amortizes. The defects may be as a result of ordinary wear, deliberate actions, or accidental damage. Little anomalies during the construction may seem inferior when the wheel is not placed into service – it could lead to particular not-so-random features.

On the flip side, the number of wheels usually develop wear patterns, it could lead to various biases, most especially if those wheels have lacked ideal maintenance. These biases can be detected, and exploited, by vigilant players via methodical observation during gameplay.

Number biases

As we’ve discussed earlier, the roulette ball tends to spin in the opposite direction to that of the wheel head rotation, because the number of players tends to believe that it is impossible for a roulette wheel to give more values to some numbers. Interestingly, it is not that hard to cause a wheel to favour different groups of numbers. A roulette wheel can also be intentional set to select black or red, odd or even numbers. 

Ball Drop-Off Point

A unique feature of the older roulette wheel is that the roulette ball usually leaves the ball track from the same spot on the base of the bowl. It can also be as a result of slight warpage of the other circular path.